Karma and the Science behind it

Karma and the Science behind it
March 3, 2017 Dr. Ramon Llamba
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Most of us think of Karma as some kind of philosophy. Many of us in fact have our own opinions on how it works.

Let me clarify here and now that Karma is no philosophy. It is pure and simple physics. In fact the same principle of cause and effect that Newton propounded works here as well.

Just like gravity, karma does not discriminate between right and wrong. If a person is falling from the 8th floor of a building, gravity does not judge the person or the situation before deciding whether to save him or not. It just acts.

Similarly, Karma just acts as per the cause.

We are all nothing but vessels of energy as per Einstein’s theory of relativity and his formula of E=MC2. All of us emit a certain frequency all the time as a result of this. And with every frequency we generate, we attract a similar frequency.

Let me illustrate this with an example.

Imagine you have a basket full of white and black balls. This is no ordinary basket. It is where you accumulate your Karma. Now, you have a choice of picking up and throwing either white or black coloured balls. If you throw one white ball, you notice that 2 white balls are thrown back at you. Similarly, if you throw 3 black balls, you notice that 6 black balls are thrown right back at you. White being the good karma and black being the bad karma. And there is no getting away from the consequences of your karma, be it good or bad.

Sometimes, we get caught up in the victim mode, not grasping the fact that it is WE ourselves who have attracted the situation. To correct the situation is completely in our hands. And we simply have to change our Karma. Yes, we need to start throwing white coloured balls!

It is this power of choice that creates Karma.

To fully exercise the power of choice, we need to move away from the state of impulsiveness to the space of awareness and divine intelligence. But how can we possibly do it, caught as we are in the cycle of actions and reactions?

There is a way… and the way is meditation.

Yes, meditation and karma are closely linked with each other.

Meditation generates awareness.

Awareness leads to choice.

And choice creates karma.

And that dear fellow travellers is the crux of Karma.

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